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Origins of Islamic Political I…

October 24, 2018 Arabic Culture,Religion
Following the death of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), there was never a discord about the essence of Islam. The pillars of Islam, the Quran, the matters of worship, and all other principles that guided and organized Muslim…

Basic Arabic Nominal Sentences

A nominal sentence الجُمْلَة الاِسْمِيَّة is as sentence that starts with a noun, such as البَيْت ‘the house’, الرَّجُل ‘the man’, الجَامِعَة ‘the university’, كِتَابِي ‘my book’ صَدِيْقُهُ ‘his friend’ and so forth. One…

Basic Arabic Word-formation Ru…

Masculine المُذَكَّر and Feminine المُؤَنَّث: Arabic has a gender. That is, nouns and adjectives are either masculine مُذَكَّر or feminine مُؤَنَّث. Masculine is the basic form. The feminine formed by adding the femi…

Sun Letters and Moon Letters

Arabic letters are classified into two categories: sun letters and moon letters. This classification is triggered by the Arabic definite article ال which is added to the beginning of indefinite words. Basically, the laam…

Mispronounced Arabic Sounds

In learning a new language, we come across sounds that does not exist in our native language. Unless we get enough exposure to and practice of these sounds in the early stages of our learning, most of us tend to misprono…

Arabic Cursive Writing (2)

One characteristic of Arabic that makes its writing easy is that it is a phonetic language. That is, there is generally a one-to-one correspondence between the spoken form and the written form. In other words, there are …
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The Basic Nominal Sentence

October 24, 2018
Choose the correct answer. Pay attention to both form and meaning.

Attached Pronouns

October 22, 2018
Choose the Correct Answer.

Noun-Adjective Agreement

October 18, 2018
Test your knowledge of noun-adjective agreement by choosing the correct answer:

Choose the Correct Answer

October 9, 2018
This test is aimed to test your grammar and vocabulary.

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Attached Pronouns

October 10, 2018
Attached pronouns in Arabic are pronominal suffixes; for each separate pronoun there is a corresponding attached pronoun. These pronominal suffixes are are attached to nouns, prepositions, and verbs. With nouns, they fun…