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Shafoot: A Starter Yemeni Dish

November 5, 2018 Arabic Culture,Food
Shafoot شَفُوْت: A Starter Yemeni Dish saltah سَلْتَة, faHsah فَحْسَة, mandi مَنْدِي, fattah فَتَّة, sousi سُوْسِي, ‘aSiiT عَصِيْد, bint aS-SaHn بِنْت الصَّحْن and shafoot شَفُوت are very popular local dishes that are u…

Attached Subject Pronouns with…

As explained earlier, the irregular verb الفِعْلُ المُعْتَل in Arabic is the verb that includes a weak letter حَرْفُ عِلَّة (i.e. ا ، و ، ي). It is considered irregular because its root changes while appending attached s…

Pre-Islamic Beliefs of Arabs

November 4, 2018 Arabic Culture,Religion
In the pre-Islamic period or Jahiliyyah الجَاهِلِيَّة, Arabs were not all monotheists. Like many other nations at the time, they had more than one faith دَيَانَة. Quraish قُرِيْش and neighboring tribes were principally p…

Attached Subject Pronouns with…

A regular perfective verb الفِعْل المَاضِي الصَّحِيْح, explained in a previous lesson, is the verb that does not include a long vowel حَرْفُ عِلَّة (i.e. و ، ا ، ي). The absence of the long vowel makes its conjugation wi…

Sherine Abdel-Wahab

October 30, 2018 Arabic Culture,Music
In this post, some differences between Egyptian dialect and MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) are highlighted through a song by a popular Egyptian singer, Sherine Abdel-Wahab. The song is called حُبُه جَنَّة ‘his love is heav…

Attached Subject Pronouns with…

This lesson is about the attached subject pronouns with the regular imperfective verbs. The attached subject pronoun ضَمِيْر فَاعِل مُتَّصِل, as its name suggests, functions as the verb subject. In the previous lesson, y…
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The Basic Nominal Sentence

October 24, 2018
Choose the correct answer. Pay attention to both form and meaning.

Attached Pronouns

October 22, 2018
Choose the Correct Answer.

Noun-Adjective Agreement

October 18, 2018
Test your knowledge of noun-adjective agreement by choosing the correct answer:

Choose the Correct Answer

October 9, 2018
This test is aimed to test your grammar and vocabulary.

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Attached Pronouns

October 10, 2018
Attached pronouns in Arabic are pronominal suffixes; for each separate pronoun there is a corresponding attached pronoun. These pronominal suffixes are are attached to nouns, prepositions, and verbs. With nouns, they fun…