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The Arabic Alphabet (1)

The Arabic Alphabet الأَبْجَدِيَّة العَرَبِيَّة [al-abjadiiyah al-‘arabiiyah] comprises twenty-eight letters/sounds. Besides the [alif] ا and the [alif al-madd]آ, they are thirty.  Almost all these letters are consonants…
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The Basic Nominal Sentence

October 24, 2018
Choose the correct answer. Pay attention to both form and meaning.

Attached Pronouns

October 22, 2018
Choose the Correct Answer.

Noun-Adjective Agreement

October 18, 2018
Test your knowledge of noun-adjective agreement by choosing the correct answer:

Choose the Correct Answer

October 9, 2018
This test is aimed to test your grammar and vocabulary.

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Arabic Short Stories for Forei…

Following are Arabic-short-stories-for-foreigners. The original texts of these stories were written by Kamil Kilani and Mohammed Al-Abrashi. They were meant for Arabic speakers. We, at Ibnulyemen Arabic, abridged them an…

Attached Pronouns

October 10, 2018
Attached pronouns in Arabic are pronominal suffixes; for each separate pronoun there is a corresponding attached pronoun. These pronominal suffixes are are attached to nouns, prepositions, and verbs. With nouns, they fun…