Learn Arabic via Skype

If you want to learn Arabic online, Ibnulyemen Arabic provides directed and personalized learning. That is,  our lessons are conversation-, grammar-, or vocabulary-based. For example, we provide our students with thematic conversations that includes pronunciation and grammar components. For grammar, our lessons will help you construct sentences and assign parsing marks correctly. In addition, our word-formation lessons will provide you with rules that help derive multiple words from single roots. We can help you with any other knowledge or skill that you feel you need to improve or acquire.

Learn Arabic Online:- Thematic Conversations 

Our thematic conversation lessons are tailored-made. Simply provide us with a list of your needs and objectives and choose the topics that you want to conduct conversations on. We will design conversational lessons that are pertinent to real-life situations. Besides vocabulary and pronunciation, you will learn how construct sentences and create similar conversations. We mainly focus on Modern Standard Arabic; however, we incorporate dialectal expressions and usages on demand.

Learn Arabic Online:- Grammar

Based on your needs, our grammar lesson are inductive or deductive. If you simply want to enrich your declarative knowledge (know-how) of Arabic grammar, we provide you with detailed explanations and illustrations of the grammar points / rules that you intend to learn. If you prefer to learn rules contextually, we design conversational or reading lessons in which we incorporate the grammar points and subsequently have them explained and induced in a systematic way. To speed up your learning and facilitate the use of rules, we provide a variety of practice exercises.

Learn Arabic Online:- Vocabulary

Word-formation or الصَّرْف aS-Sarf is very important in Arabic. It includes deriving multiple words from the same root, conjugating verbs, and adding suffixes and prefixes to nouns; adjectives; and verbs. If you want to augment your Arabic vocabulary quickly, we teach you the most essential word-formation rules. Using them, you can decompose any Arabic word you encounter and compose more words from it.

We give these lessons to individual learners, pair learners, or a group of three to six learners via skype or zoom. If you have any question or need more information on this, please contact us here.

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